Albert has been immersed in the ancient healing arts since 1999. He has received over 3000-hours of formal training in Traditional Thai Massage, Ayurveda, yoga, tuina, gongfu, qigong, tai chi, and craniosacral therapy. He has also spent many months practicing Buddhist meditation in retreat centres around the world in South Korea, Myanmar, and the United States.

He is an assistant instructor of Xingyiquan, and a member of the North American Tang Shou Tao http://www.natsta.org, a non-profit organization dedicated to the preservation, research, and dissemination of the traditional Chinese martial and medical arts.

He holds certificates from the Ayurvedic Institute http://www.ayurveda.com Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health http://www.kripalu.org, Lotus Palm Institute of Thai Massage & Traditional Bodywork http://www.lotuspalm.com, and Sunshine Massage School http://www.sunshine-massage-school.com 

As a lifetime student, Albert is committed to mastering and preserving these healing and movement arts for the benefit of all. He currently practices at the Montreal Gongfu Research Centre http://www.montrealgongfu.com and works out of his home in the Petit Laurier neighbourhood.